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  Strategy - Productivity Journal

The hallmark of successful time management is being consistently productive each day.

Having a daily plan and committing to it can help you stay focused on the priorities of that particular day.

As well, you are more likely to get things accomplished if you write down your plans for the day.

Creating Your Productivity Journal

  • To start, get yourself a spiral notebook and label it as your Personal Productivity Journal or your Professional Productivity Journal.
  • Label each page with the day and the date and what needs to be done that particular day.
  • Next, prioritize each task in order of importance.
  • Highlight the top three items and focus on those first.
  • Cross off items as you complete them.
  • Items that are not completed should be carried over to the next page.

I recommend keeping a separate journal for work and for your personal life, so you can focus on them at separate times, thus maintaining your optimal work/life balance.

Personal development expert Brian Tracy believes that when you write down your action list the night before, your subconscious mind focuses on that plan while you sleep.

The below slide has more tips to maximize the power of your Personal Productivity Journal.