The effect of working under pressure depends on the person.

Many of us perform better when we have to work towards a deadline.

Once the deadline is met, we return to a normal state and get a chance to rest. But if we’re in a situation where the pressure doesn’t stop or becomes excessive, then there’s trouble looming on the horizon.


Many times, in life depending on our occupation or circumstances we are met with the challenge of staying cool under pressure. 

The last thing we want to be is an anxious mess when it matters most to demonstrate composure, gravitas and leadership qualities.

We all want to be calm and collected when it counts. 

No one wants to crumble under pressure. It’s not as hard as you might think to learn to be calm under pressure. In fact, it’s easy to be at your best when it matters.

You simply need to know how to handle pressure and what changes you need to make in yourself to improve your coping skills. 

Vatsala Shukla Coach

I can sense what you’re going through

You see, I’ve been there during my corporate world career and have first-hand knowledge of how hopeless one can feel.

Nobody enjoys experiencing the sense of overwhelm that prevents us from thinking clearly and impairs our judgement.

In this self-study guide and worksheet, you’ll learn

  • How to make better decisions under Pressure
  • Apply Psychological solutions to Pressure and
  • Use tips for being Mindful in Stressful situations
  • Deep Breathing Technique to manage Stress

You'll achieve your goal of being your best when it matters despite pressure. You'll get

Working Under Pressure Guide

Working Under Pressure Worksheet

Deep Breathing to Manage Stress Special Report

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